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A grateful heart can change your life

We are all so busy that sometimes it’s a bit tricky to really appreciate life. But if you’ve ever taken a moment to jot down three things you’re grateful for in your journal, you’ll know how it feels. You get that warm fuzzy feeling in your heart when you focus on the GOOD and realize that life might not always go to plan, but there are so many pockets of BEAUTY and WONDER.

Well, why keep all that warm fuzzy goodness to yourself? What if you could make your gratitude practice something you can share to spread happiness and show the people you care about that they really matter. I mean how often do we even do this?

Let Your Intuition Be Your Card-Picking Guide.

Ready to get started?

Make Some Time

Find a quiet moment and make yourself a cup of tea! Gratitude takes a bit of space. Close your eyes and think about a person you feel grateful for.

Pick a Card

Once you have them in your heart, start browsing cards and pick the one you immediately gravitate towards. Don’t worry if you’ve made the right choice for the person. Your heart knows best!

Create your Message

Then you’ll be able to enter your heart-felt message (but take the pressure off yourself to write something “perfect”).

Share the Love!

Customize your card and send! Whooosh! Out goes a big flurry of joy to someone who might just need it!

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Carol Larsen

Carol Larsen

Owner and designer of CC Crafts & Home Decor, Mission, BC, Canada Learn More >

Amber Koogler

Owner and designer of Averie Lane, Idaho, USA Learn More >
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Karen Booy

Creative Spirit and curator of Found Art, Founder of ThanksGreeting. Learn More >

Sara Miles

Cookie Cards - A Sweet Creative Collaboration
(Sara Miles & Karen Booy) Learn More >

Marie Browning

Owner and designer of Marie Browning Creates, Brentwood Bay, BC, Canada Learn More >

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