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Life’s deepest pleasure and power lies in the connections we create with others.

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Did you know that practicing five minutes of daily gratitude journaling can increase your long-term wellbeing by more than 10%?

What if your gratitude practice wasn’t a solo activity you write down in a journal and keep to yourself? What if your gratitude practice could also be something that made someone’s day in the process? Something you shared.

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Why we create by Seasons

Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary or a holiday, there’s suddenly a lot of pressure to write something meaningful.

Why wait for an event or occasion to share your gratitude? Think about who you want to share your gratitude with and let that inspire your image choice and design. Our artwork changes seasonally, keeping your choices beautiful and free from occasion-only pressures.

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Artist Profiles

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Sara Miles

Cookie Cards - A Sweet Creative Collaboration
(Sara Miles & Karen Booy) Learn More >
Carol Larsen

Carol Larsen

Owner and designer of CC Crafts & Home Decor, Mission, BC, Canada Learn More >

Amber Koogler

Owner and designer of Averie Lane, Idaho, USA Learn More >

Marie Browning

Owner and designer of Marie Browning Creates, Brentwood Bay, BC, Canada Learn More >
AP Name-Fabulous Fall Forest_Tag-Nature_Collection-Fall

Karen Booy

Creative Spirit and curator of Found Art, Founder of ThanksGreeting. Learn More >

Why ThanksGreeting exists


Is there anything more delightful than to receive an unexpected message from someone? To hear that you were in someone’s thoughts and mean so much to them. To hear that you matter. When we do this, whether you are the sender or the recipient, you get that warm, fuzzy feeling. Being part of those experiences make life feel deeper and more joyful. They remind us of the beauty of life.

Life is short. You’re wired for connection. So am I. We all are. When we take the time out of our busy schedule to truly reflect on our lives and share how we feel with others, we feel a deep sense of gratitude for our existence.