Marie Browning

Hello, I'm Marie Browning
Creative Maker and Experimenter (in ALL Mediums). Mama Marie to six. Creative Designer and Tinkerer of ThanksGreeting. Owner and designer of Marie Browning Creates, Brentwood Bay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

I’m a craft designer, consultant, author, teacher and currently the lead designer for Tombow. Can you tell, I LOVE all things crafty? Besides designing and creating, I LOVE teaching and sharing my knowledge with others – that is why I am so excited to join ThanksGreeting as the Creative Designer. ThanksGreeting makes sharing your creativity and connecting with others so easy.

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Featured Artwork

Wonderful Words

A single word can say so much. These are some of our favourite words at ThanksGreeting and it was so fun to play with who came up for me when I thought of the word. Think of someone, pick a word and then share your gratitude by adding your own unique message inside. Send a creative word card to someone who moves you beyond words!

Name-Joy_Tag-Celebrations Encouragement_Season-All Seasons
Name-BeautyTag-Thinking of You Encouragement_Collection_All Seasons
Name-CollaborationTag-Thinking of You Encouragement_Collection_All Seasons
Hero Name-CreativityTag-Thinking of You Encouragement_Collection_All Seasons
Momma Marie’s Monsters

Who doesn’t love a cute little monster to brighten your day? Use my monster doodles as a jumping off place to send a monstrously cute greeting to your favourite little gremlins!

Name-Fangtastic Vampirer_Tag-Celebrations_Season-Fall
Name-Halloween Spiderr_Tag-Celebrations_Season-Fall
Wicked Skull
Name-Hello Mummyr_Tag-Celebrations_Season-Fall
Name-Monster Mash Yellowr_Tag-Celebrations_Season-Fall
Name-Monster Mash Pinkr_Tag-Celebrations_Season-Fall
Creepy Spider
Name-Monster intoxicating_Tag-Thinking of you Celebrations Encouragement_Collection All Seasons
Name-Monster gang_Tag-Thinking of you Celebrations Encouragement_Collection All Seasons
Name-Monster be Amazing_Tag Tag-Thinking of you Celebrations Encouragement_Collection
Name_Our Little Monster_Tag-Celebrations_Cllection-All Seasons
Name-Monster Cardonay_Tag-Thinking of you Celebrations Encouragement_Collection All Seasons
Calligraphy Quotes

There is just something about quotes and calligraphy, isn’t there? I hope that you enjoy the creative collaboration with my dear friend Debra Quartermain. Debra always knows just the right thing to say and I so enjoyed doing the lettering for her Heart Felt messages. Use them to create your own ThanksGreeting and I hope they help you to brighten someone’s day – Marie

Name- Like a Snowflake LovelyTag-Thinking of You Encouragement_Collection_All Seasons
Name-From My Heart to Yours_Tag-Thinking of You Encouragement_Collection_All Seasons
Name-Grateful HeartsTag-Thinking of You Encouragement_Collection_All Seasons
Name-Magic of the Holidays is You_Tag-Celebrations Thinking of You_Collection Winter Christmas
Name- The Magic of You_Tag-Thinking of You Encouragement_Collection_All Seasons
Name-Joy_Tag-Celebrations Encouragement_Season-All Seasons
AP Name-Celebrating the Gift of You-Tag-Thinking of You Encouragement_Collection_All Seasons

About the Artist

Marie has over two million books in print with titles reprinted in five different languages. Marie Browning is the consummate craft designer and writer. For over 25 years Marie has inspired countless crafters internationally with her vast knowledge of mediums, products and techniques. She is the bestselling author of numerous craft books and has created designs for various consumer and industry magazines. In addition to her prolific craft design, Marie also is a creative consultant, assisting manufactures in developing innovative products and identifying new ways to market their products to the craft consumer.

Marie has taught classes, demonstrated at trade shows and appeared on TV and on-line videos. Her professional expertise and vast knowledge of the craft industry, coupled with her warm and encouraging way of making anyone feel like they can be creative, makes Marie and her company, Marie Browning Creates ™, a true asset to the growth of the creative industry.

My studio: My studio is always changing and evolving around the needs of my family! I have learned that you need to be creative wherever YOU are. Don’t let a lack of a designated crafting area stop you from creating!

My materials: I LOVE craft supplies and am inspired to craft in all different kinds of media, although lettering is one of my passions.

What my day looks like: My day is spent between working in the garden with my husband Scott, being MaMa Marie to six adorable grandchildren and squeezing in creative pursuits in the spaces between.

My favourite quote: “Give yourself permission to PLAY!” – Marie Browning

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